About us

Easyrome was founded in 2006 by two French residents in Rome as online Blog.

The first objective of the guide was to inform,  friends and relatives who were preparing a trip to the Italian capital, about places you can found in the most part of the popular tourist guides and discovered during their long stay in Rome. These young people started to share on their blog the contact details of restaurants and bars they like as well as Tips and Tricks about not well-known tourist places but which worthwhile a visit.

Those articles and texts were called « Les Bons Plans à Rome » (translated as 'nice things to do in Rome and must see in Rome while avoiding common drawbacks during your visit). Easy Rome was quickly top ranked by Google and many famous Web platforms started to advice tourists to read Easyrome in order to be sure to get the best Tip and Tricks about Rome during their trip in Rome.

The word of mouth and the magic of Internet made Easyrome quickly the first guide about Rome completely edited in French language. Ad exemple the  restaurant "Da Luciano" which was little-known by French tourists at that time, became the must-see Trattoria in Rome for all the French tourist thanks to Easyrome Guide. One night, the owner discovered by accident that the authors of Easyrome were regular customers of its restaurant. He told us "Thanks to Easyrome, my Pizzeria became the most famous pizzeria of Rome among the french people."

In order to support the amazing growth of the Easyrome 'brand' on the web, the guide was then translated in Spanish and received immediately a very important success in Spain and among travelers coming from South America.

Sometimes later, the site was translated in English and Italian and became an unique guide thanks to its unique editorial tone about Rome, its inhabitants and must-see Roman places to visit. Translated in 4 languages and published all over the world with the help of the emergence of the Smartphones and the new ways to access Internet, the need of a profesional redesign came spontaneously in order to give more space to its primary function, be the Rome guide with a big 'G'.

In the new version of Easyrome, the integration of the Google Map technology allows visitors to locate themselves in Rome and see the major and mythical places of Rome around them. In that way, they have very quickly list of the best things to do around them while a digital Rome map always in the pocket.

Easyrome wants to be the Rome Guide leader.

Thanks to its founders who owns now an international Web Agency based in India, the guide can benefit from the last Web technologies to best serves the tourist in Rome.

Easyrome Team benefit now from a professional and talented Roman Content editor or Writer. His inimitable style is attracting readers from all over the world while his indisputable sympathy will enable him to write professional and original article about your company giiving an excellent way to promote your business in Rome among International and Italian tourist.

If you are proud of your enterprise and you wish to promote it in a guide about Rome with a strong growth and  broadcasted in 4 languages, do not hesitate and pick easily your membership package that best suits your needs.