Via Della Madonna Dei Monti 18/19




Un tempio per la vodka ad un temperatura di meno cinque gradi

Design of ice club

The former ice club of Rome that was fully built with real clear ice is the ice club

Temperature inside this ice club is almost in -5°C, the walls, benches, bar and even the glasses are made of ice and once in every 8 to 9 months, the overall structure is redesigned with the help of ice carvers who bring around 40 tons of ice from England.

The distinctive and unforgettable memories will the harmony in the ice club that is between the light and sound that creates a magical ambience in Ice Club. One can taste the delicious cocktails based on vodka that are served on the frozen ice glasses seated on soft white furs, where everyone will be enchanted on a single note from the cold charming.

A background of melodies keeps reflecting the sounds and silence of ice for a fairytale atmosphere

The ice club offers a large vary of ice sculptures of all shapes and sizes which will either be created live by our artists already delivered or prepared for any quite event which will aid semiconductor diode lighting to create the atmosphere even additional switching. They additionally supply distinctive kind of merchandise to create reception with stunning glasses of ice cone either formed or entirely with ice of shapes as bottle holders, door tubs champagne and exhibitors that are forever fabricated from ice.

Enjoyment in ice bar

This Ice Club is located in Della Madonna of Monti which is one of the oldest blocks of Rome but really very near from the Piazza Venezia and present at the beginning of Salita del Grillo itself. It's a great spot to go to, particularly within the summer after one wishes to chill off and this Ice Club is open a day of the week from 6 pm to 2 am. Because of its central location, it's choked with international folks likewise as Italians. The different lights that set totally different moods create this bar terribly gratifying and differ from all the others.

The cocktails square measure nice. On Tuesdays they need to open bar night, one can enter paying twenty Euros per person and might keep as long as you wish. However, once you enter you're not allowed to travel outside and are available back.  Clearly no smoking is permissible. I would like to recommend you, do not arrive once 11 pm started on opened bar night. Make sure to wear heat clothes! As people starts feeling uncomfortable with the extreme cold one and will not be able to enjoy the whole night in the Ice Club. Generally the entry cost for the Ice Club is 15 Euros where twice you will be provided with vodka for free. Then the next will be charged by 5 Euros. But this ice club is really amazing that such a cool place is just offered within 15 Euros.

Visitors will get an opportunity to meet a lot of tourists and local peoples specifically Italians

This Ice Club is the exact gorgeous place to be visited on an extremely hot and sticky summer evening in Rome. A fabulous way to visit the ice club and cool down when it is so hot outside the streets though it is for a short span of time. This club is maintained well in its cleanliness and all the things inside are made of ice including the sculptures and tables and as usually in bars, ice cubes are provided for the vodka you have. It is really fascinating for the foreigners who visit Rome during the summer time!!!

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