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Magic Land

Rainbow magicland is an overwhelming theme park

In Rome of Italy found in valmontone area

For children and youngsters, a rainbow will be the exact place to have utmost enjoyment. I love amusement parks and I am shocked to know that this rainbow theme park covers almost 600, 000 square metres and of course, this is the one that competes with other amusement parks in Italy. This theme park is filled with adventures and magic of fun: a dimensional shift between fairy castles, brave Vikings, magical fairies, powerful sorcerers and skilled adventurers where a whole family can have their best time in life with full of enjoyment.

Rainbow's characters such as Winx, Huntik, Monster Allergy and co are the inspired things in the division of theme park. While Huntik, the biggest video game of Europe in 5D is found as a big part inside this theme park where sitting on a car people will enjoy the effects of 5d videos while travelling on the car inside a cave by wearing 3D glasses. Bombo is one of my favourite rides, if you are afraid of height and speed no worry, combo will help you in having a fun trip with twists and turns and one can check with the photo after riding and see how they react to the twists in combo. It is really exciting isn’t it!!

Theme park with extraordinary amusement

Rainbow Magicland theme park is a magical place in Rome where children from anywhere around the world can meet their favourite animated heroes and heroines in real life. In rainbow amusement park, there are almost 3 adventure rides that youngsters will love, 17 family rides that people in all ages will be happy to ride and 15 for small kids that they always enjoy in their lifetime. There are 3 theatres inside this theme park in which one is allotted for ice show that sounds amazing!!!

The association of this theme park has invested nearly 400 million Euros to the rides and theatres inside the theme park alone. Castle of Alpheus in Rainbow Park is the arts of a magic dimension where guests play dances at the entry of the magic land. If you visit this amusement park your whole family will enjoy for a whole day and still long for some more time to be spent in this Amusement park. The entrance will cost 35 Euros and a train from Rome to this place will be cheap and convenient.

Thrilling rides in rainbow magicland

Le Rapide is the famous ride in rainbow amusement park which is enjoyed by all the ages where a family will be travelling in a waterway in a bumped air balloon that goes for a long journey with a smooth speed. Finally the most fascinating and my all time favourite roller coaster that all youngsters and old youngsters would love to ride with an enthusiasm and thrill takes the parabolic curves designed that it falls into a volcano and that takes up a timeless journey!!! There are more fun rides and thriller rides that will enjoy by all the ages. To enjoy to the maximum, you can start in the morning with this rainbow theme park which is filled with extra fun and amusements!

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