Via Appia Nuova, 1651, 00040 Ciampino Roma, Italia

Ciampino–G.B. pastine international flying field known as to be ciampino–aeroporto internazionale

G.B. pastine in Italian or just rome ciampino flying field is the secondary international flying field of rome

The capital of European nation, behind an architect from Vinci–Fiumicino flying field. It's a joint civilian, industrial and military flying field located 12 km south at the south-east central of Rome, simply outside the larger bypass in Italy: Grande Raccordo Anulare or GRA) the circular main road round in the town. The flying field is a base for Ryanair and general aviation traffic. Ciampino flying field was opened in 1916 and is the one in every of the oldest airports that are still operating. During war II, the flying field was captured by Allied forces in Gregorian calendar month 1944 and subsequently became a U. S. Army Air Forces military installation.

Although primarily used as a transport base by C-47

Sky train craft of the sixty-fourth troop transport cluster, the Twelfth Air Force 86th Bombardment cluster flew A-36. Apache combat craft from the flying field throughout the immediate amount once it was captured from German forces. When the combat units were withdrawn, shipping Command used the flying field as a serious transhipment hub for consignment, transiting craft and personnel for the rest of the war. It was Rome's main flying field till 1960, with traffic amounting to over two million passengers each year. Once the gap of prosecuting officer Vinci from Vinci old, the master who is also a sculptor and technologist from Vinci–Fiumicino flying field, Ciampino handled virtually completely charter and govt flights for quite 3 decades.

However, the terminal facilities were extended at the start of 2007 to accommodate the growing variety of low-priced carrier operations

The flying field options one-storey traveller terminal building containing the departures and arrivals facilities. The departures space consists of a main hall with some stores and repair facilities yet as thirty-one arrival counters and sixteen departure gates mistreatment walk or bus boarding there aren't any jet-bridges. The arrivals space includes a separate entrance and options four baggage belts yet as some lot of service counters are available. There is conjointly a further smaller general aviation terminal.

Manufacturing defects within the DE Havilland Comet's style were discovered because the results of in-flight breakups on 2 Comets that departed from Ciampino

They were:

  • On 10th Jan 1954, BOAC Flight 781, a DE Havilland extraterrestrial object, stone-broke up in the middle air and crashed shortly once take off from Ciampino flying field, on the way to London Heathrow flying field.
  • On 8th April 1954, period of time once Comets were allowed to resume flying following a brief grounding ensuing from the previous crash, South African Airways Flight 201, another extraterrestrial object, stone-broke up shortly once took off and crashed shortly from Ponza.
  • On 21st Dec 1959, Vickers Viscount I-LIZT of Alitalia crashed wanting the runway on a coaching flight exercise in landing with two of the engines dead. Each folk on board were killed.

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