Piazza di S. Maria Maggiore, 42, 00100 Roma

The basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the four papal basilicas of Rome

It is located on top of the esquiline hill and is the largest of roman churches dedicated to the virgin mary

Inside there are the boards of the manger, on which Jesus will be placed on Christmas night. The basilica is also known as St. Mary of the snow because it is narrated that it was the Madonna herself to ask the construction of a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Legend has it on the night between 4 and 5th of August 352 AD, the Madonna appeared in a dream to Pope Liberius and the patrician John, informing them that a miracle would indicate the construction site. On the morning of August 5, an unusual snowfall whitened the Esquiline and the Pope traced the perimeter of the church directly in the fresh snow. Every year, every August 5, is re-enacted with the so-called "miracle of the snow", carried out with an enchanting celebration, is dropped from the dome of the Cappella Paolina, countless white petals, producing an effect of moving, not to be missed if you happen in Rome during August. It will be an awful experience!!!

The construction of the basilica was built by pope sixtus III in 432

The building took on the earlier church and is the only one to have preserved the original structure of Christian, albeit enriched by successive additions. Inside you will be enchanted admiring the uniqueness of the mosaic floor, truly a sight not to be missed. And amazement at the decorations of floors just looks up to be kidnapped by the chapels that will leave everyone speechless. And then you will be amazed by the "Sacred cradle" and "crib".

Outside it does not go unnoticed, with its 75 meters, the highest church tower in Rome. It was built in between 1375 and 1376 and contains 5 ancient bells, one of which is called "the Sperduta" about a legend that dates back to the sixteenth century, which tells about a shepherdess, probably blind, which was lost in the meadows around the 'Esquilino and now that it was evening and the shepherdess did not return, we did ring the bells of the Basilica to be able to drive home. She never returned but the bells, even today at 9:00 each evening will continue to sound. During the visit take a moment to listen to the silence that filled the church and be still with her, it will be an emotion that will fill the soul.

The basilica of santa maria maggiore is open every day the timings will be from 7:00 to 18:45. For information about the schedule of Masses, you can call the number +39 0669886800. To reach the basilica just stop at "Termini" underground, turn right to Via Marsala, right again to Piazza dei Cinquecento and in 5 minutes you will arrive.

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