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Strolling along the river, a few hundred meters from the basilica of san pietro

You will look on an oasis in the desert and it is him, the spectacular Castle of holy angel with its attractive heavenly creature that seems suspended in air above the castle and over the whole city of Rome, so as to protect anyone walking there

Accessible to the public and is found in an area of the capital rich city in history and art, such as the Palace of Justice (palazzaccio said) that deserves to be admired and then visit Piazza Cavour, a few minutes’ walk, which is very characteristic. There is also Borgo Pio, Piazza Risorgimento and Via Cola of Rienzo, all places deserve to be known, as they are in the area.

It is easily accessed by subway, line A Ottaviano-San Pietro or Lepanto

Castel Sant'Angelo also called Hadrian's Mausoleum or Adrianorum Mole, is a monument begun by Emperor Hadrian in 125 and completed in 139, it serves as a "grave" for him and his successors. The spectacular monument took its present name in 590. Rome was afflicted by a terrible plague and during a solemn procession attended by Pope Gregory I, appeared to him, just by rounding the Adrian Mole, the Archangel Gabriel, sheathing his sword. This shadow was interpreted as a divine message declaring the end of the epidemic, what really happened since then, the Romans started to call Castel Sant'Angelo. In memory of the miraculous event, they put on the highest part of the castle an angel sheathing his sword. The monument is connected to the Vatican State by a fortified corridor called "small step".

It is a long and exciting walkway of about 800 meters, which is over the walls that bounds past the citadel leonina

The walkway was built to facilitate the passage of the popes to their private apartments, but also to ensure safety for an escape route in case of danger. Under the court of Alexander VI, it opens a series of rooms that were made in the cylindrical wall of the mausoleum of Hadrian, intended to food reserves, to store wheat, oil and water collected from the Tiber, which was filtered through three tanks and prisons. When getting off to such secret, you meet a defined environment "talking shop" and then you will penetrate in a corridor which is very low that one can admire the sad, cramped and dark cell.

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