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The church of st lawrence at lucina is a roman catholic parish church and a minor basilica in central rome of italy

The church is found in piazza san lorenzo about two blocks behind the Montecitorio palace, just apart from Via Del Corso

This church is dedicated to St. Lawrence, a Roman priest and martyr. The name of Lucina is from 4th-century Roman matron that gave permission for Christians to build a house of worship. In the 19th century a further restoration of these interiors was commissioned by Pope Pius I removed the Baroque decorations in the nave and replaced them with frescoes by Roberto Bompiani.

The baptistery in the left of the entrance was designed during the 17th century by giuseppe sardi

In this church, there is also the tomb of a composer Bernardo Pasquini (1637-1710). Three years after the composer's death his portrait was placed and sculpted in Carrara marble by Pietro Francesco Papaleo (ca. 1642-1718). The portrait was a commission by the composer's nephew Felice Bernardo Ricordati and his pupil Bernardo Gaffi. Little remains of the original from the 5th-century church that was built here at an ancient well sacred to Juno. But that should not be lowered from what it was, as a very pretty church, complete with Romanesque bell tower and a long 12th-century columned portico. Inside, the otherwise standard baroque decor is elevated by Guido Reni’s Crocifisso(Crucifixion) above the main altar and a fine bust by Bernini in the fourth chapel on the southern side. The French painter Nicholas Poussin died in 1655 and he is buried in this church.

Many people are not aware that the very first Christian church was this “Domus ecclesiae”

A household church or private homes which wealthy owners open their doors to for believers to celebrate religious rites and find safe refugee from persecutions. The church of San Lorenzo in Lucina was indeed one of these. Lucina was an epithet of Juno, the roman goddess of heaven and also protector of a roman woman, it is feasible that the church at one time has been a temple that was dedicated to her. The traffic free highly attractive piazza is located in the Tridente district that invites visitors opting to take a leisurely walk or even take a well-deserved break in one of its fashionable bars.

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