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The palazzo colonna is a luxurious block of edifices in central rome of italy

Found at the base of the quirinal hill and adjacent to the church of santi apostoli

Construction of various wings of Palazzo Colonna lasted for around five centuries and this has led to the overlapping of incompatible architectural styles, interior and exterior designs that characterize and reflect different eras of belonging.

History of palatial block

The introductory part of the palace was dated from the 13th century and tradition holds that the structure hosted by Dante during his visit to Rome. The initial documentary that has been mentioned in the notes is the property to be hosted by Cardinal Giovanni and Giacomo Colonna in the 13th century. After his passing, this palace was sacked during feuds and the main property got transferred into the hands of Della Rovere’s Family. Then it was returned to Colonna when Marcantonio I Colonna married Lucrezia Gara Franciotti, from Della Rovere's family, cognate to Pope Julius II.

From 1300 to 1500 she appeared as a genuine fortress of a family

Oddone Colonna, elected popes by November 11 in 1417 was assumed with the name of Martin V that assigns the Pontifical Palace at Headquarters and living there from 1420 to 1431 till the year of death. In Salt austere Palazzo Colonna that is the palatial block, when Pope Martin V plans and performs in ten years a great revival plan with cultural, urban and administrative city of Rome there lays calamitous conditions after the troubled period of separation in Avignon and the schism of West.

In the year 1527, when the sack of Rome by troops of the Emperor Charles V happens, Palazzo Colonna is one of the few buildings that were not on fire thanks to a good relationship of the family with Empire, but provides a safe haven to over three thousand citizens of Roman. In the course of 1600, the Town took the form of a great baroque palace at the demand of three generations of the family, whose leading members are Philip I, Cardinal Girolamo I and Lorenzo Onofrio, who were relying on architects and artists of great skill and fame.

Roman baroque artistic building of rome

Of this era it is also the construction of the beautiful and majestic Galleria Colonna, who looks out for 76 meters through 14 November, jewel of the Roman Baroque, is now open to the public with the apartments at the most representative and most artistic value of the building, houses the Collections from those Artistic families notified and bounded, where you can admire masterpieces of absolute excellence by the major Italian and foreign artists starting from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The Colonna Gallery is open to the public every Saturday from 9.00 to 1.15 in entrance through Della Pilotta. Private tours are made by appointment at the gallery and to the aforesaid Private apartments are always available by appointment every seven days in a week  including holidays, available also through telephone at +39 06 6784350 or by emailing to info@galleriacolonna.it.

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