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A place in rome where one can really understand an immense wealth that still sneaks under our feet

It would be visible only when people take away all their beautiful contemporary buildings

It is none other than the Crypta Balbi which is a quirky one among its kind and a complex connected to the ancient theatre of Balbo, built and opened in 13th BC by Lucius Cornelius Balbus. The main office of Crypta Balbi museum consists an entire block of the historic centre of Rome was enclosed because of the Dark Shops, through the Poles, Dolphin and through Caetani, over the centuries has seen many different uses and settlements.

The uniqueness of this museum, which is open since 2000, is the fact that it is found in a same archaeological area that includes the buildings of this museum itself and fourth of seats from National Roman Museum along with Palazzo Massimo, Palazzo Altemps and the Baths of Diocletian. The Crypta Balbi was originally a large porch adjoining the theatre of Lucio Cornelio Balbo and is an extraordinary example for the evolution of Roman society and urban landscape from antiquity to the twentieth century.

Information of middle ages in rome

Twenty years of excavation and research has disclosed a series of transformations and reuses the same monument, which helps to understand social customs and economic activities during the dark period as it  marks the transition from antiquity to the middle Ages. A visit includes a way between several buildings and exhibitions on different levels, each representing a historical period. Along the way, you will find information boards that are very well made and illustrates the transformation of this area of Rome over two millennia.

Archaeology and structures of crypta balbi

Unique ways to mitigate the ages from Roman to the present day and be fascinated by the reconstruction of all historical periods are by the archaeological layers. Along with the materials recovered during the excavations of the Crypt, as crockeries from various periods, tools and architectural fragments, they are also on display found from the historical collections of the National Roman Museum. It was recently opened to visitors for excavations of the exedra of the theatre, where you can find several reuses of the places. They also visit the cellars, from where you can observe the structures of the crypt and a monument for the free distribution of grain. It would be nice if all museums were organised well, with the collection that is housed directly inside the building in which it was found! Really one should not miss, because, with the cost of only 10 Euros, you can also visit the other three important Roman Museums.

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