P.le d. Stazione Tiburtina Roma

Roma tiburtina is that the second largest train depot in rome

Whereas the primary is occupied by roma termini

Roma Tiburtina is found north-eastern a part of the town that's being developed as a hub for the Italian high-speed rail services rather than termini being a terminal station. About five hundred trains each day then 1, 40,000 daily transits and fifty-one million users a year square measure were seen during this station. The new Tiburtina is devoted to the normal regional trains and to the high-speed rail services on the Milan-Naples line and is predicted to achieve a daily ridership of over four, 50,000 by the year 2015.

The station is served by a hundred and forty high-speed trains and 290 regional trains daily

The most advantage of this station for high-speed services is that it's a through station wherever trains movement from Turin/Milan to Naples/Salerno don't have to be compelled to circle. Roma Tiburtina, besides being a crucial point for the mobility of capital, is the first station of the High Speed System for the Turin - Milan - Salerno to be completed and is a candidate to become an area critical to the growth of the city, with a great potential for development both residential and directional.

The station was originally opened in 1866

In 2004, plans were ready for hospitality upgrade of the station with works commencing in 2007 at Hospitality with expected price of €155 million. The new station is forecasted to handle 3, 00,000 passengers, daily. By Nov 2011, all the works had price €330 million. Just ahead of the station square is the Bus Tibus, a modern terminal for arrivals and departures of buses in a medium and long distance, both for Italy and for foreign countries. In addition, this station square serves as the terminus of several bus lines that connect the districts Pietralata, Tiburtino, Casal Bertone and the city centre. Without underestimating, there is always the comfortable taxi service outside.

Availabilities in roma tiburtina railway station

After three years of labour, on twenty-eight November 2011 the new station was inaugurated and dedicated to Cavour Roma Tiburtina station is served by Tiburtina, a station on one line of the railway board in Rome. The station additionally options an oversized and a vital coach station that serves each national and international destination. I should emphasize that the regular taxis are white cars with the inscription clearly visible on the roof and on the doors, do not rely on people who do not fit this description. And for any inconvenience the police station is available to solve any problem. Thanks to the construction of the new station, Tiburtina is set to become the main airport in Rome and articulation of high speed. So for those who want to travel without wasting time from north to south Italy will have to go through this magnificent station. Inside the fashionable Roma Tiburtina railroad terminal, travellers will realize outlets, bookshops, pharmacy, newspaper outlets, money card facilities and automatic price tag machines.

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