Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Roma

Pleasant visit to trevi fountain

Trevi Fountain is a tourist place where every visit you can see nice recollections of ancient. Tourists will have an opportunity to see through various cultures and way of life lived by people in Italy. Trevi fountain will be a perfect traveller place which should not be missed while visiting Rome of Italy.

Design and familiarity of trevi fountain

The enormous power of water in the world can be seen in Rome. This fountain of Trevi is the most familiar tourist place among the other tourist places in Rome. A small Trevi fountain was already found there during the period of Nicholas V.Then, the design of Trevi fountain was begun during 1732, that insists baroque architecture at the time of Nicola Salvi, then completed during 1762 by the time of Giuseppe Pannini. The creation of Trevi Fountain represents the ocean and is entirely made of Marble which gives an exalting view to the visitors.

Marble sculptures and lighting of trevi fountain

The sculpture of Oceanus that is the God of Greek mythology is designed in this famous Trevi fountain like driving a chariot by two winged horses. Trevi fountain is closed by a rectangular pool giving a view of a fabulously designed marble sculptured fountain. This fountain of Trevi got its utmost fame and has become an icon of Rome city. Moreover, the exact time to enjoy the lighting view of the fountain will be during the night. The lighting of Trevi fountain with the water flowing in it will be exactly a charming look with that romantic atmosphere around.

Coin throwing in fountain of trevi

A curious tradition is followed in this Trevi fountain when you visit there just check it if you a coin to experiment those fascinating things. It is believed that if you throw a coin over your shoulder into the water by facing back to the fountain, you will return back to Rome again in your lifetime! It is curious to know that guessing of around 3000 Euros is being in the fountain as every day most of the visitors from Rome and tourists do this to check if it happens and even funny too for those children who visit this Trevi fountain in Rome!

Gorgeous water in trevi fountain

Water that flows in this fountain is named as two it is virgin waters and as Trevi. Here the name Trevi is derived from an old name called Trebium. The design of borders of the pool made in Trevi fountain represents the sea. Each statue in this fountain represents some ancient and logical things as in the left side there is a statue that represents abundance and in h right side the statue represents Salubrity. The work and design of all those statues in Trevi fountain were made by Filippo Della Valle and the credit go to  him!

The enormous amount of water flowing in Trevi fountain is not wasted and moreover its again re-used to several other fountains in Rome that includes Fountain of four rivers, Tortoise fountain and the fountain of old boat that is present in front of the famous Spanish steps tourist spot.

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