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Il Buco di Roma | Easy Rome

Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, 00153 Roma

+39 06 6710 72311

Villa del priorato of malta, on the aventine hill, is home to the grand cloister in rome of the sovereign military order of malta

An order of chivalry that remains as a sovereign entity

It combines hosting the embassy of Order of Malta to the European country.  The estate is one among two Roman properties happiness to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta granted exterritorial standing, the opposite being Palazzo Malta.

The site, on an increase directly dominating the Tiber and access to the Roman pons Varolii Sublicius, was already a fortified Benedictine religious residence within the tenth century. The religious residence passed to the Templar and when the destruction of their order, to the Knights Hospitalise, predecessors of the current Order of Malta. Radical reconstruction was undertaken within the fifteenth through 17th centuries. The villa was granted extraterritoriality in 1869 by Italy. On the piano, Nobile is an assemblage of portraits of Grand Masters of the Order.

Easily accessible from various significant places

This area is easily accessible on foot or from the Colosseum is the Circo Massimo and I recommend you to fully enjoy every step on Roman roads rich in history, which will lead you to spend a day of nature and the mysteries in a pleasant environment between nature and history, for more all free! The site is reached by via Santa Sabina, that ends within the little, picturesque square of Cavalieri di Malta surrounded on 2 sides by the cypresses of the garden of the Benedictines backing the fantasy screen of obelisks and stele made in 1765 to styles by Giovani Battista Piranesi, one in all they have only a few dead styles by this artist of Roman views us prided himself on being a designer.

Ahead raises the Neo-Romanesque belfry of the Church of San Anselmo throughout 1893 to 1900 connected to the international Benedictine seminary (International Seminar Benedictine). On the third, right-hand aspect is that the monumental entrance screen, conjointly designed by Piranesi beneath commission from Cardinal Carlo Rezzonico who is a kinsman of Pope Clement XIII. The Villa is arguably best better-known for a tiny low hole within the arch-headed central portion, through that the copper-green dome of St. Peters Basilica, the middle of Catholicism, will be viewed at the tip of a garden framed in clipped cypresses.

The parterre garden links the villa with Order's Church of Santa Maria Del Priorato which is an ancient church fully redesigned by Piranesi by the year 1765, an offering is the earliest example in Rome of neoclassic design. Its facade top is covered with a coffee gable wall. Paired pilasters on either of the aspect with door have fanciful capitals every fashioned of a tower is flanked by sitting sphinxes and different parts of the classical vocabulary also are combined in fanciful and private ways.

Once in front of the impressive front door, you cannot resist the temptation of a peek through the keyhole

Unthinkable and you feel a breathless fairytale vision of the imposing dome of St. Peter is framed like a painting, from the vegetation of the gardens of Priory. Here you do not have keys or spells for asciarsi carry from a little slot that contains magic and charm of Rome and its "Dome". This area is little known by tourism that distinguishes Rome and you can remain yourself up at sunset to end a wonderful day with views of the capital that few have had the privilege to observe.

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