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A new ara pacis museum found in rome of italy was opened in the spring of 2006

This ara pacis museum was designed by the international architect richard meier and has been subjected to too much controversy and criticism

The Ara Pacis museum is more than a two-thousand-year-old "Altar of Peace" that was used paradoxically for sacrificing and a commanding work of Roman art and architecture that had been lost to civilization for centuries. This museum is on the bank of the Tiber River, designed as a renewed setting for the Ara Pacis. A sacrificial shrine dates to the 9th B.C. and now located on the western edge of the Piazza Augusto Imperator. Planned as part of an effort to protect Rome’s cultural legacy, the new design replaces the monument’s previous enclosure that was in a state of an advanced decay.

The structure of this Ara Pacis museum consists of a long, single-story enamelled cloister elevated above a shallow podium providing a transparent barrier between the embankment of the Tiber and the existing circular perimeter of the mausoleum of Augustus, built circa 28th B.C. The white colour is the trademark of Richard Meier, whereas the travertine plates decorating a part of the building square measures a consequence of in-progress changes, once a style review follows controversies with some nostalgic events of recent case, inbuilt 1938 by designer Vittorio.

The difficult style of Meier desires to claim itself within the terrible heart of the city, turning into a nerve and transit centre

The advanced was meant to incorporate a path that associates subway linking the depository to the Tiber; presently the subway style appears fully abandoned. For those who approach first time to this museum, they may be surprised by the building that is so modern. The City of Rome, in 2006 rebuilt the shrine that protects the majestic monument of Ara Pacis using the most advanced technologies and high quality materials, studying everything in detail, in fact, entering it you will realize that the play of light that comes from outside, the soundproofing of windows and thermal insulation make this museum and contents even more special.

Everyone will be enchanted by the charm and the amount of internal and external decorations of this monument that will give you a piece of history of ancient Rome. For those on holiday in the capital, the board to find a space for this visit, both for artistic and historical content and for the wonderful outer structure that preserves and makes the most of the sovereignty of the Roman Empire about two thousand years ago, it represented by a spectacular and impressive altar!

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