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Ostia derives its name from Ostium, a literal mouth of the river. In fact, at that time, it was right here that the river Tiber, sacred to the Romans, ended its course flowing into the Tyrrhenian Sea, but in 1575, after a flood, he changed his course of about two kilometres to the north. The archaeological site of Ostia Antica is one of the largest facilities of Roma, recent studies have found that the river is not closed the city to the north, as we have always believed, but divided into two parts making the boundaries of the site even bigger Pompeii.

The colony was founded in the late fifth century BC, at first acting as a military base and later became the centre of maritime trade in the capital, because of its strategic location. Over the years, he was enriched with a magnificent theatre, with a first hole and a major water supply, resulting in the increase in importance. Because of its characteristic of cities and commercial link between ancient Rome and the Tyrrhenian Sea which became a cosmopolitan city, where they lived together different races and cultures. In fact, they are witness to the temples dedicated to Egyptian gods and blinds.

After the middle of the third century, the river became unusable because of the gradual silting up and the city began to decline

Today, the ruins extend near the modern city of Ostia Antica. After visiting the archaeological site, not far, you can visit the charming and picturesque village. You will find an atmosphere of another era with its spectacular castle of Giulio II. To reach the ruins of Ostia Antica must take metro line B direction Laurentina and get off at Magliana (about 7 minutes) and from there, get on the train Roma-Lido and get off at Ostia Antica (about 20 minutes), exit the station, you have to take the subway blue in front of you, straight and a few minutes’ walk you get to the excavations.

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