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Piazza della Rotonda 00186 Roma Italia


The pantheon is a famous building in rome of italian republic

Commissioned by marcus vipsanius agrippa throughout the reign of roman emperor and remodelled by emperor eadrian concerning 126 AD

The building is circular with a porch of huge granite Corinthian columns below a gable. An oblong Vestibule links this structure to the rotunda that is beneath coffered concrete dome with a central gap towards the sky.

The structure that we see today, was the work of Emperor Hadrian, who then after the fires of 80 and 110 AD destroyed the first building and restored the temple between 118 and 128 AD, but still want to leave a Latin inscription on the facade, in honour of his predecessor, which translated reads: " The built Marcus Agrippa son of Lucius, Consul for the third time”.Nearly two thousand years once it was absolutely engineered, the Pantheon's dome continues to be the world's largest un-reinforced concrete dome. The top of the sense organ and therefore, the diameter of the inside circle is identical as forty-three metres that are 142 feet.

It is one among the best-preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings in Italy

It is been in continuous use throughout its history and since the seventh century, the Pantheon has been used as a Church dedicated to "St. the Virgin and also the Martyrs" however dear called "Santa Maria Rotonda". This square ahead the Pantheon in Rome is termed as the place of Della Rotonda.This monument has the largest number of imitations in antiquity and it is the well conserved with largest masonry dome in the history of architecture.

As you enter, this temple raises your eyes to heaven and will realize that the majestic dome is penetrated with a central hole along with a beam of the sunshine that will grab one’s attention. The opening is wide with 9 meters and illuminates the entire building. In case of rain, you can see how water entering the top of the dome, magically disappears in 22 drain holes, almost it is an invisible floor! Pantheon springs from the traditional Greek "Pantheon" that means “of regarding or common to any or all the gods".

In fact, the design of this pantheon is dedicated to any or all the gods are questionable

The sole definite pantheon recorded prior Agrippa's was at Antioch in the Syrian Arab Republic though it is merely mentioned by a sixth-century supply. Since the revolution, once the church of Sainte-Genevieve in Paris was desecrated and became the profane monument referred to as the Pantheon of Paris, the generic term pantheon has typically been applied to different buildings during which illustrious dead are worthy or buried.

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