Piazza Navona, Roma

Famous square of piazza navona

Piazza Navona is one of the famous squares in Rome that is present with two waterfalls along with it. The one is Fontana del Moro and the other is the fountain of Neptune. Fontana del Moro was designed by Giacomo Della in 1575. Fountain of Neptune was also architecture by him in the year of 1574.

Fountains around piazza navona

Fontana del Moro is in the southern side and the other Neptune fountain is on the northern side in which the centre is the Piazza Navona. To the south-west of Piazza Navona, there is a speaking sculpt called the sculpture of Pasquino that was architecture in 1501. The history of Piazza Navona square has noted that various theatrical events were hosted in the square and those were the temporary activities going on the square occasionally. Then later in the next century, the square was crowded with people on the weekends during the month of August to extend the celebrations of Pamphili family.

Piazza Navona’s current view

Reconstruction works were done and the walkways were improved in its nature by the 19th century. The market within the square of piazza Navona was fascinated once more in the year of 1869 where the tourist place Campo de Fiori is present. After then the market was reconstructed, now a charming Christmas market is being controlled within the square of Piazza Navona. The breathtaking view of the square piazza Navona was again perfectly set by the design director Dan Brown in 2000. He has also used the most familiar Fountain of four rivers in his film Angels and Demons.

Nowadays, Piazza Navona is a gathering place for all locals and tourists in Rome. Painters and modellers of various talents have their open shops in the street of Piazza Navona square. Tourists who admire and are fond of having their picture by the art of drawing in pencil arts should visit this place when you go Rome.

Christmas fete in piazza navona

Talent shows are held in piazza Navona square during festive days. Even the glorious paintings of several artists are displayed in the Streets to have a look at their talents. People visiting Rome in Christmas time would be the luckiest to see the illuminating decorations of fountains and squares in Rome. Specifically piazza Navona would be the best among them as it is glorious in normal weekends itself! The fete during Christmas will be enthralled as the Santa Claus will sweets and gifts to all those wandering the streets near piazza Navona by the first week of January. Piazza Navona would  be the exact place to have your great enjoyment during Christmas in Rome.

Fame for film shootings

The famous fountain of four rivers is also near this piazza Navona. This fountain got its fame from films like Coins within this Fountain then the film Angels and demons by Dan brown. Similarly, Piazza Navona has also taken place in a film named Yesterday, these days and tomorrow where the heroine would be living in a square of piazza Navona. So tourists and locals fond of the film, you can also have an opportunity to visit those cine artists while visiting Piazza Navona in Rome.

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